Monday, January 23, 2012

Molagai Podi

Molagai Podi is an essential item in our place. Besides its taste, i like it coz it comes in so handy! You have no mood to prepare chutney or sambhar, no issues..coz you have Molagai(Chillies) and Podi (Powder).
It goes well with Idli, dosai, tavala dosai, adai...well most of the south indian breakfasts!!

1. Channa Dal - 1/2 cup
2. Urad Dal - 1/2 cup
3. Red Chillies - 1 cup packed
4. Hing - a pinch or two
5. Black sesame seeds - 1-2 tsp
6. Salt - to taste
7. Oil - 1 tsp

Preparation Time!!
1. Take sesame seeds and dry roast. Once it starts spluttering, take it and keep aside
2. Dry roast channa dal, till it turns light brown and keep aside
3. Then dry roast grad dal, till it turns light brown and keep aside
4. Add oil in the pan and add red chillies & hing and sauté lightly. As the color of chillies begin to change, remove from flame and keep aside
5. Once when all the above ingredients cool down, add salt and mix in the blender to semi-coarse powder

1. You could go ahead and add more sesame seeds. At my place, S doesn't like the smell of it, so i reduce it
2. Adjust the amount of chillies based on how spicy the red chillies are. The andhra ones are super spicy, then i reduce the quantity
3. You could blend it to a fine powder too! But when semi-coarse, its nice to get one or small chunky bits when you have it

Enjoy with Idli or dosa...Add little oil or ghee, mix and have as a side item. Store in a clean moisture free container and it can be stored for a 1-2 months. Beyond that i don't know!! In our place, i would be shocked if it lasted for more than a month :P

Serving - 1 pickle bottle size
Duration - 30 minutes

Sending this to Lyndsey's Sweet Heat Chilli Challenge hosted by Michelle ' Sweet heat challenge #4  - Lets Rock Indian


  1. Podi looks so good. I love having a version of it every time I make a dosa or idli, even when I have chutney.

    Thank you so much for entering Sweet Heat, your participation is much appreciated :-)

  2. I can understand.. its such an indispensable part of our households :). Its been my pleasure to be a part of you event ! b/w You have a great blog out there :)

  3. Nice version dear,Sesame seeds will give nice flavour to time will try this:)

    1. Thanks premalatha :) let me know how it was :))


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