Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beetroot Halwa

I had this for the first time when i went for a IT training. The best part of IT companies are their trainings. Its arranged in a good place and the food is always the best. In fact, there were few haunts which were the best and we would wait for the training to be hosted in our favorite place :). Sounds crazy right! But for foodies..does it really matter ?? ;)

Beetroot Halwa

1. Beetroot - 5-6(grated)
2. Half & Half - 1 small packet
3. Sugar - 7-8tbsp
4. Almonds - sliced
5. Ghee - 1-2 tbsp (optional)

Preparation Time!!
1. Add the grated beetroot in a pressure cook
2. Add half and half ( thicker milk with cream) till it covers the beetroot completely and pressure cook this for 2 -3 whistles
3. Once the steam cools, keep it on medium flame, add remaining milk
4. Add sugar and stir continuously till milk evaporates and the mixture thickens and leaves the corner of the vessels. Add ghee mix well. It gives a really nice flavor
5. Remove it and then serve in a blow and garnish with sliced almonds

Serving - 3-4 servings
Duration - 30 minutes

The traditional method involves continues stirring of carrot and milk, till it evaporates and solidifies. I find it easier with pressure cooker!
You could add condensed milk or khoya, it adds more flavor.
a. If adding condensed milk, add it when you have removed the carrot of steam and then continue to stir. Go easy on sugar, as you are aware condensed milk already has sugar
b. In case, you are adding khoya, add it in the end and mix well

Sending this to CEDD#6 hosted by Veggie Platter


  1. Rasya, welcome to the food blogging world. :)
    The halwa looks rich and scrumptious. Thanks for linking it to my event.

  2. Thanks sums for your sweet words :)

  3. Wow! My mom made it for me when I went home this time...the moment I heard she is using beetroot I also made a face but it tasted so gud :D

    Yours looks very tempting and rich!

  4. @rosh: My husband did the same face too! i had tasted it earlier so i knew it would be good :D.. else i would have sulked more i guess :)


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