Monday, October 15, 2012

Event Time - Kids's Delight ' The Healthy Makeover'

I have known Valli for quite sometime now.. Been a part of her events.. remember ICC, The Blogging Marathon :).. She is such a seasoned blogger and i for one am in awe of people who have the zeal and passion to update their blogs on regular basis, despite their busy schedules..managing kids..I mean, how do they do it! I need the perfect mood.. temperament & some patience to post on a regular basis.. esp when u take a break in between right :)..Valli has been blogging for 5 years and her dedication & commitment to blog .. well, let me just say this post is not going to suffice :D..When the Kids Delight Event was open to hosting.. i just knew i had to do it..

I don't have kids myself..but the idea of a healthy makeover of dishes was something that caught my fancy.. I am super fussy like a kid about dishes..and i love all the " to be had occasionally only" items a hell lot..So, a healthy makeover of an interesting dish was what i need too!! 

What do you guys do?? How do you transform a junk item into something delicious..Lets say like make pizza using wheat flour.. or do you bake bread rolls/samosas.. Anything. Absolutely anything.. How do you work the magic on dishes?? Tell me.. share you recipes with me...Just a quick look at the rules & i can't wait to have a look at all your interesting dishes..The event ' Kids Delight - The Healthy Makover' runs for one whole month, starting tomo Oct 16th - Nov 15th 2012

Rules for the Event

1. Send in as many recipes as you want.. the more makeovers.. even better
2. Recipes submitted to other events are also perfectly fine!
3. If you want to post a recipe from you archive.. no Issues but you have to UPDATE them as current posts!
4. Only Vegetarinan recipes allowed!!
5. Sorry people.. if you don't blog, then i can't accept your recipes this time..
6. Make sure you link your recipe to my announcement as well as Valli's Kids Delight Post ' 

Quite simple right.. We would be thrilled if you have the attached logo in your posts.. helps spread the word & let me just being greedier for more recipes :D

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I have been away from the Blogging world for almost 4 months! The sudden loss of someone very very close shook our world and it took us quite a while to come in terms with reality..There are a few losses which can never be replaced, but the irony of life is... it just goes on..

I still am a novice at blogging and in the limited time i have spent in this blog world, i really appreciate all those people who have noticed my absence and took time to check on me :).. thanks so much..Really appreciate it (U know who u are!)

I have missed all your interesting recipes....your updates..the events.. I shall be back soon & hopefully, i get you all excited with my recipes..