Tuesday, January 31, 2012


A month back i didn't even know, what was an event in a blog world meant, an accidental search led me to blogging & here i am participating in events... This is one of the first events i participated, that came to an end..So here's the acknowledgement :)... a reminder for me to keep participating, learning & getting to know more & more people!

From SweetKaramKapi
From Ramys's recipes
Love lock series : Sweet!

Rice Chappati

I like making tiffins quite a bit, something quick & different. A year back, i would browse and search for tiffin items, make a note & prepare them. One such recipe which i got was for rice chapati. This is definitely not Akki (rice) roti, the famous Karnataka dish. Oh! i love that too & someday shall blog about it!
This tiffin you should try, if you have left over cooked rice, after lunch or dinner and its little that it can't suffice for a meal, at the same time you don't want to waste it either...
(I know this is not a great picture..sorry about that! Plus it might look hard or dry..but the fact is its is really soft, courtesy coconut & rice :)! Oh! i almost forgot to mention, i don't always make the perfect round roti's..am learning yet!)

Rice Chappati

Choco-chip Short Breads

I was searching to bake some short breads from Joy of Baking & found one of them very interesting. But sadly, i didn't have the ingredients it asked for :(.. so i replaced them with what i had & made some yummy shortbreads..needless to say..loved every bit of it!

 Choco-chip Short breads

Monday, January 30, 2012

Capsicum Subzi

This recipe i got it from my periamma, who is a superb cook! She learnt cooking the hard way, post marriage ( yeah! suprising for those days :)) but over the period of time, let me say she mastered the art. She has written down all the recipes she learnt, prepared & before my wedding i wrote down anything & everything i could find :D.. i didn't know like i mentioned in my intro blog post.. abc of ingredients in the kitchen!
This subzi is actually done with carrot & capsicum. I had used up all the carrots, so did the same with capsicum. It looks less colorful but not in taste :). 

Capsicum Subzi

Khaara Paara

Khaara means spicy in Kannada and Paara, i don't know the meaning! I love shakar paara and in blore there is a place called subbamma angadi, where you would get the spiciest khaara paara and i love it! No, i didn't re-create it, he grinds chillies to the paara is my guess. Though i wanted to do that, i ran out of green chillies :(, so made a much milder of the same.. Nevertheless, loved it :D

Khaara Paara

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Bisibelle Bhaath

Bisibelle Bhaath is a delicious Karnataka dish. The full name is Bisi (hot) belle (lentils) Huli (tamarind) anna(rice) or bhaath(rice) is my favorite! It tastes good when hot, as the name indicates and is very filling & nutrious too, thanks to all the veggies we add in it preparation :)

Bisibelle Bhaath

Bisibellebhaath Powder

I think i am in a Podi making spree :). I would use MTR Bisibellebhaath powder when i had to make bisibellebhaath but my MIL doesn't use that and makes the powder at home, so picked it up from her!
 I love to make this powder, the lovely spice color and when you roast them, the aroma....hmmm amazing..wish i could describe how i feel :)

Bisibellebhaath Powder

Instant Dosa

Instant dosa or Karachamavu ( Karacha mean to mix & maavu stands for flour) is something we prepare when we run out of batter! Dosa batter is a constant & i usually make it on weekends...& when you run out of them and need breakfast in a jiffy..this is the solution instantly!! :)

Instant Dosa

Friday, January 27, 2012

Menthya Bhaath

Had been to the Indian store for shopping & there i saw a huge pack of Methi/Fenugreek leaves. I have  heard a lot about its goodness ( who else from, but amma :)) and i thought i should pick this up. I love methi chappati's so amma would do this. But S doesn't like methi much, so we cook less of this... Today was his work-lunch day, so thought will use this & make this for Menthya bhaath :)..Generally, if i had to cook for only myself, i would be happy with Maggi ;)...thanks to blogging i am cooking & clicking  :D

Menthya Bhaath/Methi Rice

Bhaath Podi

'Bhaath' in kannada means rice. I am sure you must have heard of Vangi bhaath, chow-chow bhaath, kesari bhaath etc... This podi or powder can be stored and when in mood to prepare some veggie bhaath, add this along with other ingredients & viola! its ready :)

Bhaath Podi

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thenga/Coconut Thogayal

Thogayal is an ultimate comfort food for me! Its super easy to make and a good welcome change from the usual sambhar's. After a long day or after a long journey, when you are hungry and need something tasty 'quickly', this is the saver :). Amma would prepare this, make garlic rasam & vazhakai(raw banana) karamedu and i would love it...

Coconut/Thenga Thogayal

Black Chickpea Sundal

Sundal is actually a very good snack option. Mostly done during navrathri, each day  different sundals are done, along with a sweet and is served to everyone who comes to see gollu. This black chickpea sundal is given as prasadham in most of the Pulayar (Lord Ganesh) temples ( at least in blore temples :)). Think its his fav, coz i have noticed even during Vinayaka Charturti, amma would do it along with kozhakattais. This is quick, easy, nutritious and simple preparation!

Blackchickpea Sundal

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cauliflower Rasam

Rasam or Sathamdhu is something we love. It s to be enjoyed hot and due to our working styles, i mostly don't prepare this on weekdays. There are so many varieties of these and i try to them during weekends. Once such attempt is Cauliflower Rasam. S wanted to have this and told me that MIL does this and i got this recipe from her. Tried it for the first time and its a mild & tasty rasam :)

Cauliflower Rasam

Simple Cupcakes

I just wanted to bake something & when i started searching for recipes...i went mad! There are so many amazing recipes out there..how could i choose just one :(.. After seeing some more recipes, getting inspired( yup! i need to learn so many recipes) and then had my anxiety attacks ( will i ever be able to learn & most importantly remember them :X)... i decided to go back to my book & choose the most basic cake recipe :)
Simple Cupcakes

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chickpea green soup

This Neeta Mehta recipe i tried out of curiosity. It had chickpeas and i have always tasted that as a sundal, chole etc but in soup so thought i should try it out :). The end result, its healthy nutritious & i loved the color !!

Chickpea Green Soup

Tomato Soup - Hotel Style

The reason i named this as Hotel style is , it reminds me of the thick creamy soup we get there. As kids, it was on birthdays & anniversaries we would go to a restaurant right and i would always have the good old tomato soup :). Its when i started college, i started trying other soups...

The one i am writing now is what i learnt from my MIL. The first time i had this, i was floored (she is an amazing cook, with hell of patience to whip up dishes painstakingly for her children). This is quick and easy to make and tastes really good, trust me :)

Tomato Soup - Hotel Style

Monday, January 23, 2012

Molagai Podi

Molagai Podi is an essential item in our place. Besides its taste, i like it coz it comes in so handy! You have no mood to prepare chutney or sambhar, no issues..coz you have Molagai(Chillies) and Podi (Powder).
It goes well with Idli, dosai, tavala dosai, adai...well most of the south indian breakfasts!!

Dates-Apple Milkshake

We are not big time into milkshakes. Lemon juice salted is a staple drink at home :). Its on occasions when the fruits are not being used, i make milkshakes.. Anyday, its much healthier to eat fruits as it is but on those 'sinful' craving attack days, fruits provide the much needed comfort factor :D

Date-Apple Milkshake

1. Dates - 5 (de-seeded)
2. Apple - 1 ( peeled & cored)
3. Sugar - 2 tbsp
4. Milk - 2 glasses

Preparation Time!!
1. Soak dates in little milk for about 20 minutes, for it to become a little soft
2. Then, add this into a blender, add chopped apple, sugar & milk. Blend well. Its takes some time for dates to be mashed completely
3. Add ice cubes(optional) and serve

This milkshake is quite filling and has a nice taste..almost like toned down version of a vanilla milkshake.

You could go ahead add 1-2 tsp of vanilla essence to make it taste like vanilla milkshake :)

Serving - 2 big glasses
Duration - 10 minutes ( non inclusive of dates soaking time)

Sending this to Milkshakes @ Foodies Nest

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Onion Raitha

Onion Raitha is one of easiest to make & goes really well with biryani's & pulav. There are two ways of doing this
1. Raw - if you don't mind the raw smell
2. Saute - I can't promise the raw smell disappears, but definitely a little better :)

Onion Pachidi/Raitha

1. Onion - 1 
2. Green chill - 2-3
3. Mustard seeds -1 tsp
4. Oil -1tsp
5. Salt - to taste
6. Curd - 1/2 cup

Preparation Time!!
1. In a pan, add oil and when warm, add mustard seeds
2. Once it crackles, add onion & green chillies and sauté well, till it becomes pink
3. Remove, put it in a bowl & allow to cool
4. Add curd and a little water and mix well
5. Add salt, when you are just above to serve!

Serving - 2 people
Duration -7-10minutes

Friday, January 20, 2012

Re-posting Vengaya Vathakozhambu to Sweetkaram Kapi's Cooking challenge ' Flavours of Tamilnadu'

This is a favorite and so integral part of Tamilnadu, at least i believe so :))!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Corn Kebab

I love Corn :)! Be it any form, as a bhutta or the boiled one which my mom prefers or just as sweet corn mixed with butter and spices..i infact make it a point to include it in subzi's, in pulao.. I think its got to do with the fact that i love colorful dishes :)..Chanced upon this Tarla Dalal's recipe for a evening snack. This is quick to make, tastes great too!

7 cups Burfi

It took me a while before i could get a hang of making burfi's. Though the consistency of the burfi would be fine, i would always get confused when to stop stirring and when i should take it of flame. I wouldn't have the heart to throw it so i would just make round balls of the same and eat them :D.

After a couple of attempts, i moved a step ahead and have realized when i should remove the burfi.. 7 cups is one such attempt. My mom would make it often and when i was a kid, for some strange reason i would go around telling everyone that amma doesn't know anything but 7 cups!! :(.. Poor thing! But for me she makes the best 7 cups ....

7 Cups Burfi

Kadai Paneer

Another variety of Paneer delicacy! Simple & easy to make and goes well with chapati..

Kadai Paneer

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Beetroot Halwa

I had this for the first time when i went for a IT training. The best part of IT companies are their trainings. Its arranged in a good place and the food is always the best. In fact, there were few haunts which were the best and we would wait for the training to be hosted in our favorite place :). Sounds crazy right! But for foodies..does it really matter ?? ;)

Beetroot Halwa

Masala Puri

I have seen Masala Puri mainly in Bangalore. 'The' place to have this is with the roadside hawker. You will find them almost everywhere(really...:)!) and trust me this is one popular dish. They start their stall only by say 6 ish in the evening and by say 8-9, he is done with it, but the number of people trickling never stops... In Chennai i find these stalls too but the big places don't have anything called Masal Puri (Yaa.. its prounced as Masal Puri :))..

Many people crib about how unhygienic the surrounding is...and its not good to have street food..yaa don't deny but the taste they bring about..its quite unbeatable! I am a sucker for street food and we miss this of my hometown a lot :)

Masala Puri

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sponge Cake with Butter Frosting

I wanted to bake a nice cake for a birthday. Was thinking i should pick up something from the Cheesecake Factory. Fancy looking cakes with great decorations, thought that would be great but would spoil the surprise...How could i hide it! So after a lot of deliberation and apprehension i baked this cake...I was so thrilled when it turned out soft and spongy and we loved it!! I got this recipe while browsing and this is definitely a keeper.

Sponge Cake with Butter Frosting

Chow Chow/ Chayote Kootu

Chayote has so many names. Its called as Chow chow, Bangalore Kathrika.. I don't why its called as Banaglore brinjal..maybe the produce must be more i guess. They even make this as a curry but i prefer its as Kootu.

Chow-chow/Chayote Kootu

Vengaya Vathakozhambu

This kozhambu is an absolute favorite :). Till date, i haven't met anyone who has tasted this & has not loved it!! Its quick to make, you can make variations around the kozhambu and tastes the best with aalo fry ...

Vengaya Vathakozhambu

Monday, January 16, 2012

Paneer Bhurji

This one is one of the easiest to make and i being a paneer fan love it. I first had this when i was doing my PG. There was a small joint in J.P Nagar, Blore called Tasty Bites. A very small place & the aunty was famous for her Parathas, paneer bhurji & custard.. I doubt my subzi is close to what she prepares...but this dish hold a special place!


Well, they say Pictures say a thousand words... But i for one, am not a great photographer. The pics in the blog are just reflective of my statement!

Invariable, i am cooking in a hurry & just before i wrap a lunch box, i click a pic, thinking i need to update them on my blog. I have been doing this for six long months and finally this year, i am making a note of the different things i have prepared in my kitchen :)

So apologies for bad photograph but trust me some recipes i have learnt & shared in my cook book are worth trying & are yummy ...let me say looks could be deceptive but not the taste ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Carrot Kosambari

Kosambari is an integral food of Karnataka. Its easy to make, tastes good & is an our desi version of a salad. This is an integral part of all festive occasions in Karnataka. If its a festivity, a karnataka meal feels so incomplete without Amm Vade, Holige & Kosambari :)

Carrot Kosambari

Friday, January 13, 2012

Badam Kheer

Badam Kheer is my favorite. I love Badam and this is an easy recipe and tastes yummy :)

Badam Kheer