Friday, December 16, 2011

Preface : My Journey to the Cooking World!

I have always been a Foodie! Ask people who know me and they would vouch for this… Food brings out the happiness in me :). Growing up in Bangalore, which is a food hub…. i can tell where you can get the best idlies, vadas, chats, into-chinese food! But ask me to cook… all i could do was a 'good cup' of tea and a nice bread toast :) ( Making a good tasty toast is an art too… trust me ;) )
Marriage happened a year ago and according to my hubby i acquired a new skill “cooking” ( thats his answer when i crib about going to kitchen! ). For someone who had to learn by heart, the names of different lentils and had to memorize the ingredients…

(Pic reflective of all the emotions i went through when i entered the kitchen to cook…Phew!!!)
I have come a long way now ! I am trying to learn new varieties and bring in more additions to my menu card :)
I have grown up surrounded by good cooks like my grandma, periamma, appa, amma, sis and strangely never felt the need to cook or learn.My granny always maintained that i would learn & manage after marriage and so true..i did!
 My journey to cooking began with my dad..who taught me post engagement… then after marriage my MIL (an amazing cook herself)…my quick recipe reference is always my amma…tips & tricks from my sis & sil and my experiments were ‘tasted’ by my hubby S!
S suggested i maintain an online recipe book…Yup! i am still forgetful of the ingredients and what if i need quick reference…so came the idea of a blog. Each of the recipes posted here have been tried by me…recipes sources are many…mainly family and the numerous blogs i had read and learnt new recipes from. I may not be sure of the source always but as and when i remember i will post them :)
It dawns on me now, that the tables have turned… & i am on other side of table…Actually cooking..

But when S tells me its really nice ( well, he s been the bakra of all my experiments so far… ;)) or anyone appreciates my food…i feel so damn good & feel its all worth it..hmmm..seriously…aahh at least most of the time 'maybe' worth it ;) :P

I couldn't agree more to this quote from Calvin & hobbes  --"I’m learning real skills that I can apply throughout the rest of my life … Procrastinating and rationalizing ". Later, realized ''There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want" began blogging my other newly acquired skill of "Cooking'' :).. No wonder my blog is themed around Calvin!
So Happy cooking & blogging to me :).. You can reach me at rasyasrinath (at) gmail(dot)com