Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Paneer Sandwich

I am in a mood of quick-fixes! Just posted about a chat & now posting about a sandwich. I love breads and like to try different combinations as a filling for sandwiches. One such simple filling, is that of paneer. If you love paneer, just like i do, then this is a super simple,tasty one :) 

Paneer Filling

It made more sense to show the filling! I have a sandwich grill, so really can't show the filling, so here how it look..not a great pic again..I totally agree :)

Paneer Sandwich

1. Grated Paneer - 1 cup
2. Onion - 1 (finely chopped)
3. Green Chillies - 2
4. Pepper powder - 1/2 -1 tsp
5. Red Chilli powder - 1 tsp
6. Salt - to taste

Preparation Time!!
1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl & the filling is ready!

Yup! this is as simple as it can get. I am sure, you all know how to make a sandwich, nevertheless i am just writing a line or two about how to make it ( I feel guilty that my recipe is a one liner.. :P)

1. Take four slices of brown bread. On one slice, apply a coating of green chutney and on another bread slice, apply butter coating
2. On the chutney side of the bread, add the paneer filling and close it using the butter side of the bread!
3. A light coating of butter on top of the bread & grill it

Enjoy plain or with some sauce :)

* You could use white bread too, i love brown bread!
** You could skip butter altogether! i add just about 1 tsp of butter, coz i like the flavor !

Serving : Filling sufficient to make 4 sandwich
Duration : 20 minutes!

Sending this to Sangee's 'Show me Your hits' and Priya's 'Fast Food Not Fad Food' hosted by another Priya :) and to 'Anyone can cook #41'


  1. @julie : yup it is :)
    @sangee : you most welcome sangee!
    @sayali : yup! esp if u are paneer lover like me :D
    @sravs : most def yes :))

  2. quick and delicious sandwich..yummy one..

    Please be a part of the Just "4" Fun event.

  3. i liked your explanation of how to make a sandwich.. not teasing, really did. The butter and green chutney are probably not what everyone does.. At least its new to me :)

  4. Paneer sandwich is a first for me...but novel idea...I have some home made chana/paneer at home, could try with that :-)

  5. @sobha : Thanks :)
    @La : :) glad u liked it! i was so guilty that it was going to be a one-liner, so posted it.Happy it came in handy!
    @suchi: Sure, let me know how u like it!

  6. this looks yummy and something to indulge happily; thanks for linking it to my event !

  7. This looks very new and tempting.. Yum!!!

  8. very delicious stuffing for sandwich..

  9. Simply couldn't resist the look of it, would be great for picnics. Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  10. I just add my link for BHW to choose this paneer sandwich .I am very happy to pair this week.Visit my blog and check it!


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