Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mochai Rasam/Avarekai Saaru

Today being the final day of the marathon, i choose Mochai or Avarekkai Rasam. This rasam is very famous in Karnataka.. I am sure you must have heard of Avarekkai saaru..In the month of April-may, averakkai becomes the 'in thing' in the veggies market! You get them as whole, or you just get the mochai ( seeds), and the skin is thrown on the roads ( the part i hate the most..grrr)..Some people believe it wards of the evil eye & some believe that it makes a good meal for the cow :)..
The variety of dishes they make using this are immense.. they use it in upma, in sambhar, as side dish for akki roti's. My periamma makes the most amazing Mochai saathamudu and i love to just drink it! So i thought this would be a good way to end the final day of Rasam Marathon :)..I was just hoping i would find a packet of these and glad i found packet of Surti Papdi lilva in the frozen section.. Ya thats its fundu name.. so do grab a pack & enjoy this rasam for a change :)

1. Tamarind paste - 1 tsp
2. Water - 4 cups + 1/4 cup
3.Tomato - 1
4. Jaggery - pea size
5. Curry leaves - a sprig
6. Turmeric - a pinch
7. Hing - a pinch
8. Salt - as per taste
9. Toor dal - 2tbsp mashed
10. Mochai - 1/4 cup + 3tbsp
11.Cilantro - a sprig

To Roast & Grind
1. Dhania/coriander seeds - 1tbsp
2. Red Chillies - 4-5
3. Jeera/cumin - 1/2tsp
4. Pepper - 1/4tsp
5. Methi - 2-3
6. Mustard seeds - less than 1/8 tsp
7. Mochai - 2tbsp
8. Ghee - 1 tsp

To temper
1. Ghee - 1tsp
2. Mustard seeds - 1tsp

Preparation Time!!
1a. Pressure cook 2-3tbsp of toor dal with enough water upto 4 whistles. Remove, slightly mash and keep aside
1b. Boil Mochai in water till its cooked well. Strain the water out and keep the mochai aside
1c. In a pan, add all items from 1 to 8 mentioned in the Ingredients table and let it boil
2. Meanwhile, in another pan, add ghee & roast dhania, pepper, methi, red chillies and mustard till they turn light brown. Remove & cool
3. Once cooled, blend the roasted ingredients with 2tbsp of mochai seeds. Once ground, in the last add jeera & whip/pulse it. Keep this powder ready
4. When the raw smell of tamarind goes & tomatoes are cooked, add the remaining mochai
(1/4 cup + 3tbsp) in the rasam and let it boil for another 2-3 min
5. To this add the ground mixture and add the mashed toor dal & 1/4 cup water
6. Let it simmer for 2-3 minutes & when a light froth is formed, remove off stove
7. Temper with mustard seeds and garnish with cilantro!

Serve hot with rice, ghee & subzi or just drink it as it is..& enjoy!!

* The proportion count for the roasting the ingredients works like this..How much ever Dhania you take, take double the amount of red chillies
* Then reduce other ingredients in this proportion.. 1tsp of Jeera, pepper should be half of jeera; methi should be half of pepper & mustard should be half of keep reducing by half!

Serving : 2 people
Duration : 30-40 minutes ( Ideally 30 minutes, if multitasking :))

Its been fun, doing 7 days of Rasam, thanks to Valli :).. I doubt i would have religiously posted all these varieties which is a regular at my place.. so here's a quick re-cap
 Day 1 : Seera Rasam
 Day 2 : Lemon Rasam
 Day 3 : Kollu/Horsegram Rasam
 Day 4 : Mysore Rasam
 Day 5 : Garlic Rasam
 Day 6 : Instant/Kili Molaga Rasam
 Day 7 : Mochai Rasam

Really hope, you all love this variety as much as i did making them :D!!

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  1. A different rasam, we used to prepare kuzhambu with this. Looks like a great soup too

    1. Ya.. you could drink it up & mochai to crunch on

  2. very flavourful rasam, looks delicious, new to me...

    Join the Just "4" Fun event :)

  3. Very unique and authentic! I have heard of this rasam but never attempted it. I am definitely going to give it a try.

    1. do give it a shot & let me know u like it!

  4. quite an unique recipe...would love to give it a try...nice presentation!!
    Spicy Treats
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  5. I've never tried rasam with mochai, looks awesome, bookmarked..

    1. @sangee & hema : Thanks guys and let me how u like it!

  6. super tnagy rasam..ur glas is awesome and cute

  7. Super. Thanks for making me nostalgic about avarekai. :)

    1. Ahh.. guessed so.. u know its quite popular back home!

  8. Rasya, I have enjoyed your virtual treats of rasams..with such lovely pictures to glad you could join us for the BM..

    1. Totally my pleasure valli.. had a blast doing it & getting to meet some many ppl!

  9. First time at your blog space and I am amazed by the variety of Rasam that you have posted!! Would love to try each one of them :)
    Happy following your blog.

    1. :) thanks for dropping by.. am glad u liked them & do let me how u like them when u make them..

  10. thanks for visiting my space. happy to follow you

  11. Never tried rasam using avarekkai...sounds yum!

    1. @kaveri.. u should I am sure u will love it!

  12. very innovative rasam....superb

  13. I have no idea what mochai or avarekkai is but i love the idea of rasam in a cocktail glass ;)

    1. Averekallu.. i am sure its quite popular in Hyd, but maybe you guys address it by a diff name! thanks la ;) couldn't find another bowl!

  14. V interesting ..loving the look of it.well served!!..wish you guys would live would get to taste these awsum rasams!

    1. awww.. thats the sweetest thing to say! :)

  15. Love this series! So many rasams! Slurp!

  16. very interesting....spl in glass look

  17. Wow..Looking really yumm..U made it perfectly..

  18. Well done, thanks for the recipe!

  19. Wonderful looking and the presentation in the cocktail glass is great too!

  20. Oh! my reminds me of Bangalore, especially vishveshpuram circle.., and spring.., oh! the smell of mochakka.., fabulous.., Mmmm..., I never get fresh ones here, how I miss it :), I soak dried ones and make it now and then sadly...., your rasam is making me hungry now..


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