Monday, February 6, 2012

Capsicum Masala Rice

The best part of variety rice it is over in a jiffy.For me, i get to sleep an extra 10 minutes, coz i know this is going to be done soon & i am not going to get late packing. The reason why i like this variety rice is, bcoz of the color! I love bell pepper , they make the dish so colorful..I am a very fussy & a choosy eater, you must have guessed! so colorful platter def makes a dish more appetizing and if veggies go in, during the process, what harm right :P. Secondly, there is hardly any oil in this preparation!!

Learnt this recipe from Sanjay Thumma, The vahrevah chef. In fact, S told me about this, he used to do this during his bachelor days and told me to try this. Sanjay is a good chef no doubt, but i would avoid his show mainly bcoz he talks soo much!!Hmmm..i am doing the same now i guess ;), so directly to the recipe. ( Pls see i don't regret seeing the show now, thanks to this recipe :P)

Capsicum Masala Rice

1. Green Capsicum - 1 
2. Red Capsicum - 1
3. Garam Masala powder - 1 tsp
4. Oil/Ghee - 1-2 tsp
5. Salt -as per taste
6. Rice - 1 cup

To Dry Roast 
1. Mustard seeds - 1tsp
2. Red Chillies - 5
3. Dhania/Coriander seeds - 1-2 tsp
4. Jeera/ Cumin - 1 tsp
5. Urad dal - 1tsp
6. Peanuts - a handful
7. Curry leaves - 1-2 sprigs

Preparation Time!!
1. Soak rice for 30 minutes in water & then pressure cook with 1&1/2 cup water for upto 3 whistles. Remove rice and then cool it for 10 minutes, so that the rice separates
2. In a pan, add all ingredients mentioned in the 'To Dry Roast' list, except curry leaves and sauté, till the mustard splutters
3. Once it splutters, add curry leaves and sauté for another minute or two and remove of flame and cool
4. In the same pan, add 1-2 tsp oil and sauté the capsicum (cored and cubed). I had just green & red so used them, you could use all colors of bell peppers!
4. Sprinkle a little salt and cook till it retains its crunchiness, yet done. You don't want it to  be like a subzi, completely overdone
5. Meanwhile,dry grind the roasted ingredients to a fine powder in a blender.When its almost done, add the garam masala powder and give a whip/pulse, so that it combines well with all ingredients
6. Add the ground powder to capsicum & mix well. Adjust salt accordingly. Saute for 1-2 minutes for the flavor to blend well
7. Add this mixture to the rice and gently fold in, without mashing rice!

Serve with raitha and enjoy!

Serving : 2-3 people
Duration - 25 minutes


  1. Hey Rasi, Thanks for the thoughful comments on my blog! It is glad to find and foodie and a reader! U too have a nice blog and this pulao is really looking good!

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  3. I made this recently and we loved it - looks temptimg Rasi :)

  4. Thanks reshmi & hema :)
    Jyoti jus joined, i need to know more about it now :D
    Its super yum right @Now serving :)

  5. Nice delicious capsicum rice !! very inviting !! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for ur sweet comments !! Happy to follow u :)

    Ongoing Event - CC-Dish For Loved Ones

  6. i really like that guy, all his recipe's work out great. dont mind his incessant chatting either, he's hilarious!this looks so colourful

  7. Capsicum rice can be prepared with so many varieties .. love it :)

  8. This sounds YUMMY..Bookmarked..


  9. @deeps : His recipes def turn out great :). The best part he explains how it works, so helps learners like me..yup! he s hilarious..myy husband likes him :) his chattering bugs me though, esp when i need to know somwthin quick, which i am mission out :D

    @Kanchan : i knoww... its so versatile right?
    @aarthi : thanks grl :)


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