Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Malai Laddu / Paneer Laddu

There are few food items which make you drool, when you see the pics or in movies..In a typical bollywood setting, you would find these amazing pedal/laddu's on the aarti thali :).. Have always wished, i was right there to receive the prasad :D..This dessert is something i had bookmarked from here ages ago and finally got a chance to make it!

Its a no fuss recipe & it looks so beautiful! As much as i was tempted to gobble them, they look so beautiful that i didn't have the heart to disturb it from the plate!

1. Paneer - 500 gms
2. Condensed milk - 1 cup
3. Milk - 1/2 cup
4. Yellow food color - a few drops
5. Saffron - 1/2 tsp
6. Sugar - 1 tsp
7. Elaichi powder - 1 tsp

Preparation Time!!

1. If using fresh paneer, just crumble them and take them in a blender.. I used store bought paneer, so added them in hot water till soft & crumbled them

2. To this add condensed milk, milk and blend to make a paste

3. Transfer the mixture to a pan & heat them on medium flame. To this add yellow food color, saffron & sugar. Mix well

3. Keep stirring till the mixture thickens and starts leaving the corner of the pan. You dont need it to become hard like we do for burfi's.. so take care not to over cook! Finally add elaichi powder

4. Cool completely & then scoop 1 tbsp of the mixture to your greased hands and roll them into small balls and place almonds or pista slices making a small indent ( i couldnt take a pic of the same)

* You can add 1-2 tsp of ghee to enhance the flavor
** I used 1 tbsp measurement spoon to get uniform size of laddu's
*** Its soft and melts in your mouth kind of laddu


  1. very very delicious melt in mouth ladoo's :) looks so yummm !!

  2. it is this malai laddoo update whihc came on my list that drew me here.. they are so tempting.. i have some store bpught paneer.. have to get food colour and condensed milk..pinning this to my pile..:)

  3. Omg, those malai laddoos are just breathtaking..cant resist to them.

  4. wow...so tempting laddos, looks so cute, attractive and melt in mouth laddus...

  5. wow..looks really delicious...nice clicks..

  6. Wow,the Bengali sweet is tempting.I have missed visiting this blog for long
    and I see you post regularly.

  7. That is wonderful idea Rasi, I have made peda with ricotta cheese, not tried anything with paneer.

  8. I would have eaten some even before shaping into ladoos, love it..

  9. Wow is the word...Tempting. :)
    Please participate in my event and giveaway.

  10. The laddus look awesome Rasi, perfect for diwali :-)

  11. These are awesome. I wish I was there when you made them.

  12. Hey where are you girl? Another disappearance!

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