Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Chocolate Burfi/Chocolate Fudge

The onset of August means its Festival time :))..Before marriage, i have absolutely not helped my amma for any preparations.. for me it was just a holiday.. She would be so annoyed.. that i sleep so late on a festival day.. being a girl how will i manage after i should help & learn a little..It all fell on deaf ears :).. My only concern would be the festival food !!

Nowadays, you can see me worrying about getting the festival preparations right.. breaking my head on what deserts & savories to make and try something new every single time :D.. Hmmm, life s come a complete circle huh?? I have been wanting to make this for a while now & when my eyes fell on the Milk powder packet that s been lying around for sometime,i knew the time had come..(I sound dramatic now..dont i :))..So i landed here, made a few variations & tada...


1. Milk-Mava powder - 2 cup
2. Sugar - 1 cup
3. Water - 1/2 cup
4. Chocolate powder - 4 tsp ( I used drinking chocolate powder - Ovaltine)
5. Butter - 3-4 tbsp
6. Chopped nuts (Almonds/Walnuts/Cashew) - 3 tbsp

Preparation Time!!

1. In a bowl, keep Milk-mava powder, cocoa powder & butter ready

2. Chop the nuts & keep ready ( i got carried away & landed up chopping quite a bit)

3. Take sugar in a pan and add water to mix well. Let it come to a light boil on medium flame and keep stirring to get one - string consistency.. (You can feel the mixture becoming thick).. just lightly touch the back of a ladle using index finger & then join thumb n index pull apart..u will see a small string..)

* I tried my best to capture a better have to strain your eyes here, to see the one string!! 

4. Once the sugar syrup comes to one string consistency, immediately add the milk powder, cocoa powder & butter. (Turn of the gas, bcoz cooking with heat could turn chocolate bitter).Mix well & mixture comes together to form a dough

5. Transfer immediately to a greased pan and flatten it using a spatula. Press the chopped nuts on top & cool for 5 minutes before cutting them to desired shape

* You could using any chocolate powder.. I wanted to use Hershey's, but was worried it could turn bitter..if using unsweetened cocoa, reduce the amount of powder
** I made smaller burfi's for distribution, so got close 30 small pieces.. you could make bigger thicker portions and end up with around 15 pieces
*** You could skip nuts altogether, but i think it adds a nice touch & looks appealing too!


  1. I was like that too before wedding, now look at me.. :)
    Chocolate fudge looks fabulous.. Beautiful clicks! I too like nuts on burfis for that crunch.

  2. Wish i get some nutty chocolate burfi, anything with chocolates are my favourite.

  3. Just drooling here, looks fantastic..

  4. Filling and yummy,looks so good,will try this.

  5. Gorgeous Rasi, good that you are back girl :-)


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