Friday, May 25, 2012

Ven Aval Pongal/ Flattened Rice Pongal

Pongal is a very famous South Indian delicacy, made with rice, moong dal & tempered with spices like pepper, cumin ! S is crazy about this & when i was i Chennai, i have seen my friends dig this too.. They love Pongal, chutney for breakfast.. Its quite a heavy dish, leaves you fuller & is nutritious too.. but i could never really understand their fascination for this dish...

We would make Pongal on the day of Pongal Festival ( celebration of the harvest season) and amma would make another variation with dal and brinjal sambhar, which i loved..but the usual pongal was a big bore!! I belong to the category of people who take an instant liking or disliking to an item by the look of it :D..i know its bad, i am closing my options for tasty 'healthy' food, but then..:).But in the case of pongal.. the story is different.. i have reasons.. reasons why i don't like it so much..I don't like peppercorns...Ya..I don't mind them in their powdered form, or if its just 1-2..but to have so many in a dish..hmmm
..So, every time i had pongal, i would land up removing them and would find it extremely annoying to have stop, remove them & continue eating.. thats a different story, that i would get scolded for being so fussy and not eating pepper which is good for health...and another excuse, i would come up with was that it was way to heavy, thanks to rice..She would give me an ugly stare, coz she knew i am a rice lover :D..
Married to a pongal lover, i had no option but to make it occasionally! To suit both are tastes, i started replacing rice with Aval/Flattened rice & use pepper now both of us are happy and the best part is nobody can even make out its not rice :)

1. Aval/Flattened Rice - 2-1/2 cups
2. Moong dal - 1/2 cup
3. Jeera/Cumin - 1tbsp
4. Pepper powder/Pepper corns - 1tsp
5. Ghee - 1-1/2 tbsp
6. Salt - to taste
7. Water - 2 cups
8. Cashewnuts - 10 

Preparation Time!!
1.Take flattened rice in a colander and run it in water and then soak the poha in a bowl of water

2. Now, take moog dal in a bowl. Pressure cook it with 1-1/2 cup - 2 cups water, a pinch of turmeric & a drop of oil to 3or 4 whistles..Once it cools, mash it and put it in a heavy bottomed pan

3. The flattened rice, would have absorbed the water and would be moist. Add this to the mashed moong dal and mix well. Add 2 cups of water and let it cook till the flattened rice blends well with dal(takes around 10-12 minutes).

Stir occasionally, as it has a tendency to stick to the base of the vessel

4. To this add cumin, pepper powder & salt and mix well

5. In a small pan, take 1tbsp of ghee & roast the cashews in that till turns light brown and keep ready

6. To the pongal, add 1 tsp of ghee and the roasted cashews along with ghee & mix well..The ghee gives a nice distinct taste to the pongal

Serve hot & we enjoy this with Thakkali Chaas/Tomato Chaas, more than chutney..


1. Adjust the water as per the consistency you desire
2. Many of them lightly sauté the peppercorns, jeera in ghee..My MIL doesn't do it & add it raw and i do the same too..
3. You can substitute the Aval/Flattened rice with Rice.. then the proportion changes..
For 1 cup of rice..use 1/2 cup Moong dal.. Mix rice, dal & add 4 cups of water & pressure cook it for 3 whistles..then, follow from Step 4

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  1. Nice recipe...I love pongal too...Will try your version soon...

  2. if you eat it almost everyday...i know it can be boring...but for me it is a comfort food...i can eat it anytime/....making with poha is a good variation!

  3. Very delicious pongal..yummy & comfort food!!

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  4. Wow what a delicious looking pongal Rasi..very nice..

  5. Wow it's really Very interesting dear.... HavIng lot of aval at home thinking what to do... Thanks for sharing dear....

    1. u welcome akila..the aval is definately put to good use :D

  6. Beautiful pictures and pongal looks do delicious.

  7. lovely recipe....luks so delicious......

  8. absolutely yum!!..looks so impressive:)

  9. Pongal with Aval interesting :)

  10. That's a nice idea. Looking at the pic, I wouldn't have known it is made with aval.

  11. An awesome easy version to make note of. I will remember next time to make this one.Thanks to your Amma.

  12. Nice version. And the consistency I think would be easier to get with poha.

  13. Ponga with poha, thats a nice idea! n yours different from mine,pongal looks yumm!!
    Spicy Treats

  14. Wat a brilliant idea of using rice flakes instead of rice, pongal looks super irresistible.

  15. This is a wonderful variation to the usual pongal

  16. Looks super good...such a comforting recipe and I love the twist in using poha for rice...definitely would give a good texture.

  17. we never make poha this way, it may work for a change especially to counter hubby's comments that i cant think beyond poha/ upma for breakfast

  18. i have tried it with Sooji, but Aval seems to be a Good option too!!!!

    1. my mIl does the suji variety too.. like the smell of ghee in that.. this is good too!

  19. Pongal with poha sounds an interesting and nice idea...looks tempting.

  20. i fell in love with this wen i had this at bangalore.. yummy one

  21. Interesting use of poha to make pongal.. Looks delicious.


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