Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Curry Powder/Karamedu Powder

I have always been a fussy 'vegetable' eater.. There were very few veggies which i liked and didn't grumble when i had them like potatoes, carrots, cucumbers..cabbage! & then there was a huge list of veggies which i didn't like.. i felt they looked weird..made me feel uneasy..hated the taste :)....Amma would wonder where & how did i come up with all these reasons & she couldn't understand how i could not like them :D..Both appa & amma..in fact everyone in my family, eat everything & they don't complain or fuss.. I was the exception!

Amma was also not someone who would give up easily.. so she would tell me stories or try to explain to me on the goodness of the veggie & she was very particular if on plate.. no question of wasting!! So if i did not like something..i would just swallow it..finish it asap..gives me a feeling..yay! I am so done :)..But more often, this has just caused me problems.. people serving always think i love it so much..that they give me another serving ...aarggghhh!!!!
Today for the second day of BM, i choose Curry Powder or Karamedu Powder.. my saviour :)..The addition of this powder on veggies does some magic.. at least to me.. Makes the dish more tasty no doubt.. but helps coat the slimy seedy veggies i hate and makes swallowing a pleasure :D...Just Kidding!! This simple ground spices powder, gives a different taste to certain vegetables and is good break from the usual way we cook them..Try this & am so sure everyone will love it!

1.Coriander seeds/Dhania - 4tsp
2. Channa Dal - 2 tbsp
3. Urad Dal - 2 tbsp
4. Red Chillies - 8-10
5. Hing - a pinch
5. Oil - 1.5 tsp

Preparation Time!!

1. In a pan, add oil. Once warm add the all the ingredients mentioned and sauté till they turn light brown

2. Cool it & grind to a semi-coarse powder

Its this simple. You could do it beforehand & can store it and use them on veggies like Brinjal, Potato..

* If you just want to do it for one time, say use it for brinjals right away, reduce the recipe to half & continue the same process
* You can reduce the chillies to say 5-6 too.. The chillies i have here are not very spicy so i need that many.. A different variety of Chillies like Bedagi make the powder appear darker!
** I got this question.. so updating regarding the storage.. U can store it for a month or so..wont get spoiled..the flavor might diminish with time though & you can store it in room temperature

Serving : 2 times
Duration : 15 minutes

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  1. we don't make these podis ..but surely this looks inviting...and surely a good way to pep up the dishes that we don't like.

  2. That was awesome... Hope ur house might be filled with the flavor

  3. Wonderful flavors filled curry powder !!

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  4. My grandma used to make palli (peanut) podi for me too! Love your story behind this dish, its always a pleasure to hear stories from childhood.



  5. wow...This powder is very flavourful.I love its aroma..Thanks for sharing.


  6. My mother in law uses something similar to add to veggies.

  7. good one to have as a staple in our pantry.

  8. How long we can keep this podi & should we store it in fridge or open room temperature?
    Would love to try to do it this weekend!!!

  9. Nice recipe and lovely clicks too...

  10. I am veggies taste with a sprinkle of this curry powder.

  11. awesome powder.....look so good

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  12. I don't make this in bulk, I make it fresh for the curry, very flavorful..

  13. I want to try this .This looks so tempting

  14. flavourful and delicious curry powder, nice idea to eat veggies which we hate ;)

  15. Flavorful curry powder..but I dont make them. May be will try making..
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  16. Very handy!

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  17. Handy to have podis like this, gives a different taste to the usual way veggies are prepared.

  18. looks so flavorful and delicious!

  19. u remind me of my husband so much, haha :D he has a long list of vegetables he doesnt like, though the list has considerably reduced over the years. maybe next time i make one of those veggies il sprinkle this secret curry powder on top :)

  20. Spice powder looks nice and enjoyed he write up too...

  21. A very handy one while travelling.. will keep this in mind..
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  22. Quite handy and very flavourful podi..

  23. Very nice recipe,love the flavourful podi...

  24. Handy recipe, I make them Fresh,since it loses flavor in storage!!!!

  25. I know how the curries taste when this powder is added, you are totally right it gives such a lovely taste and my Mom also adds coconut for short term curry powders which will be kept for 2-3 days in refrigerator. Looks awesome.

  26. Looks really fresh.....nice cliks as always ...

  27. These powders are my savior on busy days. Love your clicks. Good one!!!

  28. We make a similar version too. Love it.

  29. Mom sure knows how to make kids eat veggies :).We use a similar podi for brinjal curry


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