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Mysore Masala Dosa

I am totally a breakfast person & i need a 'proper' when i say a 'proper breakfast', i mean i need idli, dosa, paratha etc but can't have oats, cereals..One i don't like the taste & secondly i never feel full.. Always feel something is missing :D..Back in my hometown, the weekend breakfast's were always special, either i would make Appa get me something i loved (read masala dosa :D) from my fav hotel or would land up meeting my friends for breakfast :)

We were a big group in college & once we started working, it became difficult to meet on a daily basis..but we would miss each other so much, so every Sat/Sun, we would meet up for breakfast at 8 in the morning.. We all would crib to get up at 8..c'mmon it s a holiday but nevertheless land up by 9 & binge on idli, khaara bhaath, vada & masala dosa...MTR is known for its Mysore masala dose but i think i am lil biased towards UD in Basavangudi..So this weekend, i decided to make it at home & both S and me loved it...Ahhh! the comfort of good food & memories :)

So, here i am splitting it to 3 parts.. a) How to make masala b) how to make red chutney c) How make the mysore masala dosa ( with pics)

a) How to make Masala

For the Masala
1. Potatoes - 2 medium (boiled, peeled & mashed)
2. Onion - 1 chopped
3. Carrot - 1/4 cup
4. Peas - a handful
5.Curry leaves - a sprig
6.Water - 1 - 1/4 cup
7. Green Chillies - 2
8. Garlic-ginger paste - 1 tsp ( optional)
9. Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
10. Red Chilli powder - 1 tsp
11. Salt - as per taste

To Temper
1. Oil - 2tsp
2. Mustard seeds - 1-2 tsp
3. Urad dal - 2 tsp
4. Channa dal - 2tsp
5. Curry leaves - a sprig

Preparation Time!!
1. In a pan, add oil. When warm, add mustard seeds. Once, it splutters, add all ingredients mentioned in 'To Temper' table
2. Once it turns light brown, add onions & sauté. To this add curry leaves..( Adding curry leaves, while sautéing onion, enhances the flavor)
3. Add the garlic ginger paste,  green chillies & mix. Add turmeric powder too ( Turmeric has a strong flavor, if you like me don't like the smell in food like me, its best to add it in the start, so the smell disappears by the time, you finish cooking :) )
4. Then, add carrot, peas & cook well, till almost done
5. Then add red chilli powder and mix. Follow this, by adding mashed potatoes and mix well
6. The curry is dry now and start adding water.. Start with 1/4th cup and based on the consistency of the curry you need, increase the quantity ( Took me 1-1/4 cup water to get a nice texture of masala)

You could add cashew nuts too! I remembered it now, so mentioned :)

b) How to make red chutney

1. Channa dal - 3 tbsp
2. Urad dal - 3tbsp
3. Garlic paste - 1/4 tsp (optional)
4. Red Chillies - 5-6
5. Coconut - 2tbsp ( optional)
6. Salt - a pinch
7. Oil - 1 tsp

Preparation Time!!
1. In a small pan, add oil & once warm, add channa dal, urad dal, red chillies & sauté till they turn light brown
2. Cool it & grind it in a blender. Before you grind, add garlic paste, coconut & salt and blend with a little water to make a fine paste
3. Keep aside

You could skip coconut, as it reduces the spice level. We like it spicy, so i avoid it..You could increase the amount too! I think garlic enhances the flavor, so add a little, you could avoid it too!

c) How to make Mysore masala dosa

1. Take the dose batter. Add two scoops of the batter and rotate in a circular fashion to make a dosa. Drizzle oil all around the dosa ( Use just a tsp)

2. When the dosa is done, apply a coat of the red chutney ( Don't turn the dose to the other side..cook just on one side only)

3. Then place a karandi or spatula of masala a little off centre as you can easily fold the dosa to half and drizzle a little ghee on masala.. Yes! ghee, it enhances the flavor ( just a drop or two is enough)

4. Fold the dose into half & let it cook for half a minute & turn again to the other side, to get the crispiness

Serve with sambhar & chutney of your choice and enjoy :)

I didn't want to take the focus of the dosa, so shall share the recipes of sambhar & chutney in another post!
Realised its difficult to click the pics of the dosa - how to indicate its masala dosa & by the time you click, the dosa starts to become soggy, excuse the not so great pics :)
Hats off to people, who click step wise pics, its really tested my patience :D

Serving : Masala was good enough for 2 of us! Came in handy for almost 8 dosa. You can see the quantity we put in each dosa, coz we don't like too much of masala!

Masala Dosa is famous in South India, especially in TN & Karnataka.. The reason i guess its called Mysore Masala Dosa, is because of the red chutney they use! In fact in one the of the cookery shows, they had showed a famous restaurant, known for this & they actually add Maida Or All purpose flour to the dosa batter, to make it crispy :)..

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  1. Food always makes us nostalgic, brings back memories with it, very tempting..

    1. Soo true hema.. thanks for the quickest comment!

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    1. Thanks sangee.. came out well this time :)

  3. wow. You made it nicely. I am very bad at making dosa. I wish I had this for dinner.

    1. A yr back, i would make dosa of all shapes & many wouldn't come of the pan :D.. so its not going to be difficult for u :)..wish i could share them :D

  4. Good one! I agree, I studied in Jain college and never missed UD tiffins, chaats, coffee... UD in basavanagudi makes good masala dosas. Dont have the patience to wait for a long queue in MTR.

    1. Don't tell me u are from Jain.. I am from Jain too :D..We have managed to find seats always in MTR..guess been lucky :)

  5. Very delicious ,I was in search of this paste which is applied over the dosa,will try this next time..Yummy breakfast!!

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    Erivum Puliyum

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    You have a wonderful blog..loved it dear

    1. Thanks so much.. so good to hear that from u!

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    1. Takes the dosa to another level totally right :)

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  11. My hubby told me just yesterday that we have not had masala dosa for along time. And here you are with a perfect recipe..! :)

    1. We just need a reason to make this..dont we :)

  12. Now you are being a meanie Rasi ;)...such a mouthwatering dosa!!!! Gosh! How I want it for breakfast right now!! Awesome clicks...Masala Dosa is my all time favourite and the masala in your dosa looks so tempting!

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    1. Ha ha.. did i manage to tempt u now :D.. thanks so much :)

  13. Sweet memories together with good food is really great. This Mysore masala dosa brings back lot sweet memories for me too...Your's looks absolutely delicious

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    1. Thanks faseela :).
      @suchi : really wish too..would have had great company too!

  16. Awesome looking Masala dosas dear. Your pis are really awesome and they convey the great taste :)

  17. I did not know that you have in Blr. Will check out UD the next time I visit. Love the Dosa and your is perfectly made. Thanks for sending it to my event.



    1. Ohh they doo.. go have it there.. they are to die for!

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  20. you have got me drooling with that first pic, the masala filling looks delecious, the dosa crisp & golden and the garlic red chutney is making my mouth water! i prefer mysore masala over regular ones because of the garlic chutney (so yummy), often make this for an elaborate sunday brunch and after such a heavy breakfast all we feel like doing is sleep haha :) i had no idea hotels put maida to make it crisp!

  21. We did the same too deepti.. had a late breakfast..lets just say brunch & snoozed again :D..even i was very surprised.. but the most famous joints add maida to make it crisp..w e make crispy ones without it ;)

  22. I still remember the aroma of Mysore Masal Dosa which we used to buy during college days in Mysore. Yours has come out perfect and looks absolutely delicious...

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